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What is TRIZ?

TRIZ is a creative problem solving method developed by Genlich S. Altschuller. This method was derived from the study of patterns of invention in more than 2 million patents. TRIZ is treated as a systematic way of thinking which helps us overcome psychological inertia and solve contradictions. Therefore many universities and other educational institutions are now offering TRIZ classes for the purpose of enhancing creativity and problem solving skill. However, it is not easy to expect trainees to remain more interested in TRIZ or to apply for solving real problems beyond the level of learning something. Large amount of materials and less accessibility of data lead to this situation.


To get benefits of mobile technology for TRIZ tools, we have developed a set of idea generation cards and a mobile application named as TRIZ DOCTOR. Android version is currently available and iOS version will be available soon. You can easily understand the inventive principles and imagine something new by yourself.

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